Pay Transparency

This page lists the title and pay rate of every job we have held since university graduation, and is inspired by Rin's pay transparency page. That page is what inspired us to make this one, and we hope the idea continues to spread, as the more people know what common compensation is across the industry, the more we can all benefit.

RoleStartEndRate / SalarySoftware DeveloperJan 2020Sept 2020$35 USD / hourSoftware EngineerJan 2021Sept 2021$90,000 USD / year*Software EngineerSept 2021Oct 2022$100,800 USD / year*Software EngineerOct 2021Jan 2022$105,840 USD / year*Senior Software EngineerJan 2022May 2022$121,716 USD / year*Senior Software EngineerJune 2022March 2023$158,000 USD / year**Web Systems ManagerOctober 2023Current$110,000 USD / year*

All positions listed here included health, dental, and vision insurance.

The positions listed with * came with a retirement account.

The position listed with ** came with stock options and a retirement account.