Pay Transparency

This page lists the title and pay rate of every job I have held since university graduation1, and is inspired by Rin's pay transparency page. Her page is what inspired me to make this one, and I hope the idea continues to spread, as the more people know what common compensation is across the industry, the more we can all benefit.

Role Start End Rate / Salary
Software Developer Jan 2020 Sept 2020 $35 USD / hour
Software Engineer Jan 2021 Sept 2021 $90,000 USD / year *
Software Engineer Sept 2021 Oct 2022 $100,800 USD / year *
Software Engineer Oct 2021 Jan 2022 $105,840 USD / year *
Senior Software Engineer Jan 2022 May 2022 $121,716 USD / year *
Senior Software Engineer June 2022 March 2023 $158,000 USD / year * **

All positions listed here included health, dental, and vision insurance.
The positions listed with * came with a retirement account.
The position listed with ** came with stock options.

  1. I unfortunately no longer have any accurate information for the job I held during university. It spanned across six years, and my role changed several times - I do remember I started at $9 USD / hour and ended at $22.50 USD / hour. ^